Controlling  your TV is easier than ever before, with the new Ultra-Slim Samsung Smart TV F8000,you can control your TV with hand gestures and voice commands to find things to watch and get program suggestions. Many new features in it,to enhance the connectivity capabilities of your TV with Built-in WiFi. Allows your TV to wirelessly access and stream content from any compatible device, like a PC or mobile device,samsung active 3D to enjoy stunning full HD 1080p both 2D and 3D  and Samsung Smart Evolution Kit  to updates it with new software and technology that will improve your TV performance  so you can keep enjoying new features without having to get a new TV.Discover even more content possibilities with your Samsung Smart TV F8000.


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Samsung UN46F8000 Product Features

Smart TV

Easily discover movies, shows, and social posts with less searching and more watching, Use gestures to swipe and navigate within the 5 Smart Hub content panels.with speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to get TV recommendations.

Smart Interaction

Use S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction to ask your TV to find things to watch and get program suggestions.Control Your  TV with hand gestures and voice commands spoken into the Smart Touch Remot Control.


Samsung Active 3D 

To enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D modes. With Samsung’s 3D converter, turn 2D viewing into 3D for an amazing cinematic experience.


Full Web Browser 

UN46F8000 give you benefits of full web browsing, right on your TV. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather, entertainment, blogs and more.

Built-in WiFi

Samsung UN46F8000 come with Built-in WiFi ,to enhance  connectivity capabilities of your TV .

Smart  Remote Control

The Smart Touch Remote Control features an innovative touch pad and built-in microphone allowing you to easily interact with your Smart TV.


UN46F8000 review

Here is one  of the honest Samsung UN46F8000 review  by Joe schmoe ,that already purchase and use this Samsung UN46F8000

The good: Great picture quality. Bright whites and dark blacks. One of the only LED’s that don’t look pixelized to me. The front bezel is also so thin and it just makes the whole tv look so sleek.The bad: I don’t care for the new stand, but I wall mounted mine anyways. I also don’t like the new style remote. I use a universal remote and it just makes programming it difficult. Way too much menu – meaning that I don’t care to have so many apps and menus. It makes using the DLNA movie feature a pain because I have to use the tv remote and not my universal and even with the tv remote it still not very convenient. Price – it’s a bit expensive.Story:My Pioneer Plasma just died on me so I’ve been shopping around and actually buying and trying a few replacement TV’s. I also just added a new window to my tv room so the room is very bright in the daytime. First off, I tried to replace my Pioneer with a Panasonic st50 plasma. While the picture was pretty darn good and the price was great – I wasn’t overly blown away at the picture quality – particularly a grey hue on the screen unless the room is really dark. So, I went into a retail store and compared the new Samsung UNf8000 side by side with the Panasonic St50 plasma. After toying with setting for a long time, the samsung was the clear winner. It had such brighter whites and darker blacks and for the first time every, I didn’t get a really pixelized led look. The unfortunate part is that it retails for more than twice the cost of the panasonic, but I think its a great tv. I wish that they made a model with the exact picture quality but saved some money on apps, camera’s, voice recognition, motion control, etc… I don’t need any of those things.Summary:
I love the picture quality and looks of the tv on the wall so I will be keeping it.

We already done the research and spend a lot of time for you. CLICK HERE  to  find out where to get the best deal on Samsung UN46F8000.